There are so many superfoods listed today, but here’s one that is truly one of the most powerful from nature: liver. This includes liver of chicken, duck, and beef. Whichever liver you eat, expect it to give you a lot of nutrients. Most of us think superfoods are either green leafy veggies or those juicy fruits – perhaps even seeds, like chia and flaxseeds. Wild-caught salmon is also quite popular, but not everyone is a fan of liver.

The truth is animal liver is considered the most nutritious superfood on the planet. Here are three reasons why you should start eating this animal organ:

1. It contains huge amounts of vitamin B12.

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of liver, since vitamin B12 is important in improving our cellular function and the formation of red blood cells. Numerous people around the world, including those in the US, Mexico, and India are deficient in vitamin B12. This vitamin is important to our overall health as adequate amounts in the body can enhance our energy, mood, memory, digestion, hair, and skin.

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2. Liver is rich in other B vitamins.

Aside from B12, liver has high amounts of folate, biotin, and B6. These B vitamins, particularly folate, can help with our cellular function as well as in methylation. This reaction is dependent on folate to form our DNA and therefore is required for proper division of our cells.

Liver is also a rich source of high-quality protein / PicHelp

3. Liver is useful in preventing anemia.

Because this organ is packed with both iron and vitamin A. So if you struggle with any anemia type, this could be a sign of iron deficiency. It is helpful if you consume liver. The combination of folate, B12, and iron, along with vitamin A can be a great way to combat the disease naturally.

Liver is also a rich source of high-quality protein and has trace elements that include chromium, zinc, and copper. In fact, it is considered the best source of copper. Additionally, liver contains a nutrient called CoQ10 that is significant in maintaining and improving our cardiovascular function. Liver is also a good source of compounds that contain nitrogen called purines, which are precursors for both RNA and DNA.

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With all these benefits and nutrients, it is no wonder that liver is a superfood. Some people may find it difficult to eat the organ, while others may be concerned about the toxins since liver is known for its association with toxins. But the liver doesn’t have them since it doesn’t store those toxins, but actually keeps the nutrients in the body.


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