Zucchini is a versatile vegetable that you can eat either cooked or raw. In fact, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it and you even get vitamins and minerals whenever you eat zucchinis. If you plan to add this vegetable to your diet, here are even more reasons that will convince you to do so:

1. Zucchinis are good for the body and your skin.

The zucchini vegetable is rich in vitamin A, which is a water-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant. This means that the vitamin gets dissolved through the fluids in your body, which therefore makes it easier to be absorbed in the body. Vitamin C is helpful in protecting the cells from damage-causing free radicals. These so-called free radicals are highly reactive compounds that are powerful enough to oxidize your proteins, DNA, and lipids. When oxidation happens, this can cause cellular damage, which can lead to several serious diseases. This is why vitamin C is good for the skin and your health.

2. It’s guilt-free.

Consuming zucchinis is not a sin, even if you are on a diet. This is because they are low in calories, making them a perfect side dish whenever you go for a heavy meal. A cup of zucchini contains 19 calories, which is about 50% lower than other green veggies that have low calories as well.

3. You can boost your heart health with zucchini.

This vegetable is high in potassium – about 295 milligrams for every one cup of serving. This already meets eight percent of the recommended daily allowance. According to the American Heart Association, the mineral potassium is a big help in maintaining good levels of blood pressure. It aids by lessening the harmful effects of sodium in the body, which is especially useful for people who are used to consuming salty foods.

4. Zucchinis are great for pregnant women.

From A to Z for Zucchini, this thing is really health / PicHelp
From A to Z for Zucchini, this thing is really health / PicHelp

Zucchinis, just like other green veggies, are rich in folate. They have a total of 24 µg, which is equivalent to six percent of the recommended daily allowance for every 100 gram serving. Folate is important in DNA and cell syntheses. This nutrient is crucial in pregnant women as well as those who are trying to conceive to help prevent neural tube defects in the unborn baby.

Zucchinis are available almost all throughout the year, but they are best harvested during summer and late spring. When buying the vegetable in stores, you should choose a zucchini that has glossy skin with bright green color.


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