For years, high fructose corn syrup has been considered a dangerous ingredient used in many processed foods. Now, there is something new to worry about as scientists discover there’s an ingredient that is worse than trans fat. Unfortunately, it is in the form of oil that many of us use and is also found in most of the processed foods we have in the market today. Soybean oil is not safe as proven by science.

Whether it is partially hydrogenated, made from new varieties of soybean, or even organic soybean, this oil is not good for the body for so many reasons.

Negative Effects of Soybean Oil as Partially Hydrogenated Oil

Partial Hydrogenation process creates unnatural fats that are completely manmade, which cause chaos and dysfunction inside the body. Even cells are affected by this process.

Soybean oil contains manmade fats that are known as trans fats, which are extremely unhealthy as this type of fat can cause the following health issues:

  • Cancer: Trans fat interferes with the enzymes that the body uses to stop cancer cells from developing.
  • Diabetes: Trans fat also interferes with the insulin receptors that are found in your cell membranes.
  • Reproductive Problems: This fat also disturbs the creation of enzymes that are required for sex hormone production.
  • Blood Cholesterol Issues: Trans fat can increase your bad cholesterol levels, while lowering the good cholesterol.
  • Heart Disease: It can also cause you to develop heart diseases because it can clog the arteries.

    Be wary of soybean oil dangers, they're for real / PicHelp
    Be wary of soybean oil dangers, they’re for real / PicHelp

Aside from negatively affecting your immune function and response, trans fats in soybean oil can give you chronic health problems, including bone degeneration, asthma, obesity, and autoimmune diseases.

Soybean Health Hazards

With the trans fats found in soybean oil, it is safe to say that this oil is not healthy. What’s even worse is that soybean oil itself is not the best oil to use for your meals or in any food products. Primarily, it has omega-6, a fatty acid that is deemed healthy. However, it is quite rare for a person to be deficient in this nutrient because it is a common part of many food items in a typical individual’s diet.

Omega-6 is consumed by many people in excessive amounts, especially since it is found in a huge number of processed foods. Unfortunately, this is not considered healthy because this fatty acid is already highly processed, therefore unnatural and damaged. The omega-6 from soybean oil can cause you to have chronic inflammation, which is actually results to many chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.


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