When it comes to data speeds, we always want the fastest. And with the upcoming 5G technology, it seems like lightning fast wireless connections are within our reach.

Unfortunately, no one is quite sure whether this new technology is safe for humans or not. It is true that even electromagnetic radiation’s health effects are still being figured out, but some scientists and health experts are worried about 5G.

Understanding 5G

Also named 5th generation wireless systems or mobile networks, 5G is the next stage that people are looking forward to in mobile technology. While it’s not for public use yet and is still being tested, it’s anticipated that within the next 10 years, most US wireless carriers will be connected to 5G. The new technology promises to bring 10 to 50 times faster speeds for data consumption.

5G Health Effects

It is still not known whether 5G technology is safe or not, but there are some health effects that are truly bothersome in connection with this wireless technology:

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5G is the next stage in mobile technology / PicHelp

1. More Towers

The current 4G LTE technology needs about 200,000 cellphone towers in order to operate properly and provide the speeds consumers are paying for. But 5G demands for a much denser network and this means that cell towers will soon be built all over the place. These cell towers haven’t been studied regarding their effects to our health. But the fact that there will be even more of them is indeed worrisome.

2. More Wireless Products

Shifting to 5G will appeal to many other consumers because it is faster. Additionally, there will be more demand when it comes to wireless products, including vehicles, appliances at home, and many more. Such explosion of towers and speeds can mean more wireless products and therefore a major increase in radiation exposure.

3. Increased Cancer Risk

The industry maintains that 5G technology is safe, but there have been many studies linking cellphone usage and radiation and cancer. In a study using rats, cellphone radiation increased the levels of brain cancer as well as heart tumor, which is a rare disease. The higher the radiation exposure, the higher the risk.

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More research is required for us to know whether cellphone radiation is safe for our health or not. But we can’t be guinea pigs while we wait for science to confirm or refute such beliefs. It is true that health risks aren’t definite yet, but we can’t conclude that there are NO risks involved either.


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