Although killing sprees are rare, it pays to know in advance what to do. Running is still the best thing to do, but what if there is no escape route? Be prepared to know how and where to hide as well as the other things you need to do to fight for your life:

1.) Know where to escape and run fast.

You have a higher chance of survival if you know where to escape. These routes include:

  • Emergency exists
  • Windows
  • Fire escapes

It is wise that you know at least two routes where you could escape in case the shooter is there. More than 95% of shooters don’t work with other people. So if you are in an area where the gunfire sounds far away, you will most likely be safe. If you are at the second floor of a building, you shouldn’t be afraid to jump. You can survive if you break a leg or get cut by the broken glass. But if the shooter sees you, you’d most likely lose.

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2.) Know how to hide.

Barricade yourself – this is very important, particularly if running is not an option. For instance, the shooter is approaching or he is at the escape route, hide and block yourself as quickly as possible. Most mass shootings only take at most 15 minutes. If you hide that long, you have very good chance to survive.

Other Things to Do

Here are more tips on how to survive when there’s mass shooting in school or workplace:

  • Turn off the lights if you’re in another room.
  • Lock the door or do something that will make it difficult to enter.
  • Call 911 or the local police station.
  • Find a weapon and be prepared to use it. Weapons can be anything, including hot coffee and sharp scissors.
  • Don’t make any noise.
Knowing what to do in this situation can help save your life.
Knowing what to do in this situation can help save your life.

Although it is difficult, you have to remain calm during the shooting spree. Don’t whimper or cry and tell everyone to do the same if you are with other people. As a last resort, you can play dead. Sometimes, you could attack the shooter, but this is the final option, especially if you can hide. Don’t plead for your life as the shooter will not listen and this will only make matters worse. Hit him in the face, neck, or the crotch, so he could drop his weapon. Bear these tips in mind to save yourself and even other people from a terrifying mass shooting.


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