Traditional gardens are often occupied by annual vegetables, ones that last for just one season. They eventually die no matter how much you shield them against frost. These veggies are well worth your time, but labor is usually required to grow them. But there’s an even better solution: plant some perennial vegetables. You can just plant them once and you can harvest them year after year. This will give you food on your plate with just a little bit of effort.

To start, here are the five vegetables you can plant in your garden just one time and will keep on giving year after another:

1. Rhubarb

This is a vegetable, but is eaten as a fruit. The best time to plant rhubarb is during the spring. At first, you should only harvest it lightly. Do this for the first two seasons. If possible, you should not harvest it at all. After that, you can harvest a lot of ripe stalks during spring. Make sure to remove the leaves when preparing as they are poisonous.

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2. Artichokes

These veggies are relatives of thistle and produce a flower bud that’s so tasty. Artichokes take a little bit of room because they can grow for more than six feet. Although you will need about two years before you can harvest enough, artichokes will stay with you permanently.

Artichokes take a little bit of room because they can grow for more than six feet / PicHelp

3. Horseradish

This is a perennial plant that’s a member of the mustard family. If you’re a fan of condiments or sushi, horseradish is a must-grow in your garden.

4. Garlic

With a host of health benefits, you can’t say no to this perennial vegetable. Plant garlic in a place where there’s plenty of sun and dry soil. Harvest like any other annual veggie. But here’s the trick to make it come back every year: whenever the seed buds appear, cut them off. Plants will become larger to develop into cloves. You can also pull up the plants before the end of the season and replant them the next year.

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5. Asparagus

Aside from its health benefits, asparagus is known as a popular perennial vegetable. Start using seeds, but you can also use the crowns or the seedlings of the plant to speed up the process of growing the asparagus. This is effective by at least one year. Make sure you plant the vegetable in a place where there’s full sunlight with the soil being sandy and moist.

There is just a limited number of perennial vegetables, but they are typically strong and sturdy. If you live in a colder climate, they can survive and also require low maintenance.


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