It is no secret that getting enough sleep every night can do wonders to your health. But most of us still choose to stay awake and risk being overweight and waking up with a bad mood. Aside from these well-known effects of sleep deprivation, science has proven that not getting eight hours of sleep can spell disaster for your face and skin.

The New Research

2 Hour Sleep Difference
8-Hour sleep vs 6-Hour sleep? The difference is astounding / DailyMail

A study conducted at the Sleep School in London in collaboration with a bed company known as Bensons for Beds discovered that reducing two hours of sleep, equivalent to six hours or less, can impact your physical appearance drastically. What’s shocking is that the negative effect can be seen within a week.

There were 11,000 participants in the said research and one of them was Sarah Chalmers who happily documented the results. For five days, she only got six hours of sleep. She was not only tired, moody, and forgetful, but also hungry and constantly craving for something sweet. But the most shocking of all of her was that her pores doubled in size and she had more red areas than before – proofs that not sleeping for eight hours can drastically cause changes to how you look.


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