There are a ton of detox diets out there that promise you can shed some pounds in just a day. It is clear that people think detoxifying the body means to lose weight.

However, the detoxification process is more than that; it is about taking care of your liver, which has a ton of crucial health functions, including:

  • Eliminating harmful substances and toxins in the blood
  • Converting sugar stored in the body, so it can be used when the sugar levels goes lower than normal
  • Breaking down hormones, including hemoglobin and insulin
  • Producing bile, which is required to digest fats
  • Destroying red blood cells that are old and can poison the body
  • Storing iron and vitamins

You will know you need to cleanse if you experience two or more of the following symptoms:

  • Sluggish and tired
  • With recurrent headaches
  • Pain in the right side
  • Skin looks discolored
  • Odd digestion
  • Weight gain

These symptoms are definitely not fun, so you know you need to cleanse and detoxify your liver right away. Thankfully, there are natural ways to cleanse the system and you probably already have them in your kitchen.

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Here are foods to include in your diet so you can cleanse your liver and keep it healthy:     

1. Garlic: With sulfur, selenium, and allicin, garlic is one of the best liver cleansers that exist in the natural world.Garlic Liver Superfoods

2. Grapefruit: This fruit is high in antioxidants, including vitamin C, which can naturally cleanse the liver. One glass of fresh grapefruit juice can help boost the production of enzymes in the liver that get rid of toxins, including those that can cause cancer.Grapefruit Liver Superfoods

3. Green Tea: This beverage contains catechins, which is a compound that your liver loves.Green Tea Liver Superfoods

4. Greens: Veggies, especially leafy greens are your liver’s friends. They are rich in chlorophylls, which when ingested can suck up the toxins in the blood stream. These vegetables can neutralize the negative effects of the heavy metals and pesticides in the other foods that you eat.Green Veggies Liver Superfoods

5. Avocados: This fruit comes with glutathione, which is a compound that can naturally cleanse the liver and get rid of harmful toxins.Avocado Liver Superfoods

6. Apples: One more fruit that is friendly to your liver, apples are high in pectin that are chemicals that can help cleanse the digestive tract, the liver, and other parts of the body.Apples Liver Superfoods

We live in a world where toxins are literally everywhere. You don’t want your liver to get overworked and overburdened with its tasks of cleaning up the body; otherwise this can cause it to malfunction. Start eating right and living a healthy lifestyle to detoxify and improve your health.


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