If you don’t know what ginep is, you’re not alone. Also known as guinep, honeyberry, Spanish lime, and quenepa, this fruit is often called the Jamaican fruit. Others call it the Caribbean fruit because it is also widely available in the Caribbean. Nevertheless, you can also find it in Mexico, Florida, and in other parts of South America.

This fruit is best described as a cross between a small lime and lychee. The appearance resembles a lime based on the color and the shape. When you peel the fruit, you will see the thin layer of pulp and under that, you will feel the large seed. This sweet and tangy fruit is a perfect snack, not only because of the taste, but also because of the health benefits that it can offer.

Health Benefits of Ginep

If you are looking for foods to try, go straight to this healthy treat. Here are reasons why this fruit is a treasure to people seeking nutritious foods:

  1. Vitamins
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Gineps or guineps are rich in vitamins, especially A and C. Both are excellent in helping you have a stronger immune system. It is widespread that vitamin C is the vitamin you need to defeat scurvy, but it also has several other benefits, including:

  • Prevents common colds
  • Treats infections, such as acne and gum disease
  • Helps improve skin
  • Prevents various health conditions, such as bronchitis, stomach ulcers, and dysentery

As for vitamin A, it is well-known that this vitamin is for the eyes. But aside from this, this antioxidant actually has other benefits, including:

  • Maintains mucosal and epithelial tissues
  • Improves the reproductive system
  • Supports bone development
  • Supports the creation of red blood cells
  • Neutralizes unwanted bacteria in the body as well as other microorganisms
  1. Calories

    Quenepa - It's light in your palm and light on your belly / PicHelp
    Quenepa – It’s light in your palm and light on your belly / PicHelp

If you are trying to lose weight, you’re probably counting your calorie intake and therefore you avoid eating foods that are high in calories. Thankfully, gineps are not among them. This fruit only has 58 calories for every serving and also does not contain cholesterol.

  1. Fiber

Here’s another reason why you should consume this fruit if you are on a diet. The ginep is rich in fiber, which does not only prevent constipation and high blood cholesterol, but also promotes good digestion. Fiber helps you move your bowels regularly and also keeps you full for hours, so you don’t overeat.
Gineps are definitely good for you and your health. Improve your overall wellbeing by adding this fruit to your diet.


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