Many people enjoy eating Nutella so much that it has actually become a ritual for most of them to eat the snack out of the jar.

David Allegretti, a reporter from Vice, took on the challenge of living on the sweet spread and nothing else for one whole week. He started with 146 pounds and right after the first day, he immediately lost 0.5 pounds. He began his day with Nutella and did not feel bad since it is not unusual for him to eat. But the same thing cannot be said for the rest of the day.

What Happened the Following Days?

David Allegretti
David Allegretti did what a few just dreamed of / PicHelp

The following days were not so good for the reporter:

Second Day

  • Dropped to 143 pounds
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Craved for pizza and felt very hungry
  • Foggy brain
  • Sluggish
  • Hearing problems

Third Day

  • Dropped to 142 pounds
  • Sense of smell heightened
  • Intensely craving for other food
  • More diarrhea
  • Had energy after eating, but experienced sugar crash
  • Felt and looked sick
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Fourth Day

  • No energy
  • Tried methods to enjoy Nutella, such as melted into the coffee and freezing it

 Fifth Day

  • Weighed only 140.8 pounds
  • Poor concentration
  • Sleepy and unable to focus

Sixth Day

  • 140 pounds
  • Looked forward to the next day feeling happy, but regretful

Finally, during the seventh day, David finished the challenge and he weighed 139 pounds. He celebrated waking up, knowing he would be soon eating. His first meal after the Nutella experiment was a roasted pork sandwich.

The Bad Effects of Eating Excessive Amounts of Nutella

Ate Nothing but Nutella

One of the most obvious negative side effects of eating too much Nutella is diarrhea. But what is really bothersome with the experiment is that it can cause the brain to malfunction. David could not focus just after dinner on his first day. He also could not hear well as his friends tried talking to him. He had no energy throughout the experiment, even though he did experience that familiar buzz people get when they eat sugary foods. However, right after that momentary bliss, fatigue comes with vengeance.

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Nutella may be your favorite snack, but eating it alone for one week or even a day is definitely not healthy. It can have a negative effect on your health and because it is sweet, it can contribute to obesity and even type 2 diabetes – especially if you are not an active person.

David says he will not eat Nutella anymore, but of course, he can never be sure what will happen in a month or two.



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