Most of us are aware of how important vitamins A, B, and C are, but let us not forget about minerals that are essential to our health as well. Different minerals come with different uses and benefits for the body. Here is a list of minerals that the body requires to function properly:


The body naturally has boron, which is a mineral that is essential in bone health and brain function. It is also used to prevent muscle pain, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. Deficiency leads to poor absorption of magnesium and calcium.


Many of us already know that calcium is the mineral for better bone health and development. Deficiency in the mineral can lead to osteoporosis, arthritis, and even poor dental health. Calcium is also an effective treatment against insomnia, PMS, and even obesity.


It is a trace mineral used for glucose consumption of the body and is therefore important for those with diabetes. Chromium increases glucose use of cells, which then stimulates the breakdown of cholesterol and fatty acids.

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It is a common mineral for improving brain function and relieving some arthritis symptoms. It is also used to eliminate infections of the throat and heart disease. Copper should go hand in hand with iron to correct hemoglobin deficiency.

Different minerals come with different uses and benefits for the body / PicHelp


This mineral is very significant in the formation of hemoglobin and deficiency often leads to anemia. Iron is also used to improve metabolism, brain function, muscle activity, and immunity. It may also be useful for people with insomnia and those with restless leg syndrome.


This is one of the most underrated minerals as it offers several benefits, including treating hypertension and can help prevent heart attacks and diabetes. It is also useful for pregnant women and those with asthma. Magnesium is critical for bone health and in preventing cramps as well as in lowering stress and anxiety.


The mineral is essential in preventing goiter and fibrocystic breast disease. Deficiency can lead to the development of the mentioned diseases. Iodine is also useful in preventing certain hair and skin conditions and cancer.

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Deficiency in phosphorus can lead to muscle weakness. This mineral is also associated with sexual function, bone and dental health, and body metabolism.


This mineral is also used in the metabolism of the body and can help prevent osteoporosis as well as fatigue, sprains, and epilepsy.


To correct lower blood sugar, potassium is required as well as in regulating blood pressure. This mineral is essential in preventing heart disease, while increasing water flow throughout the body.

Some minerals work better together to provide their benefits. Usually, if you’re feeling sluggish in the afternoon, this could signal a mineral deficiency.


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