During the warmer months, you may find yourself wanting to wear sleeveless shirts, but your arms are bothering you. You think they are not attractive because they are not toned. Many people get flabby arms when they are in their 30s, but there are also some who just have them because they do not exercise or they have gained weight. Some women also get the so-called jiggly arms after getting pregnant where weight gain and hormonal changes take over. Whatever your reason may be, you surely want to start toning your arm muscles to keep them firm and appealing.

Arm Flab
Way to get rid of that arm flab? There’s a way / PicHelp


Thankfully, there are proven ways to improve your current situation. You can start by improving on the food you eat to get rid of the hanging skin.

Diet Changes

The food you eat can influence the way you look. To get rid of flabby arms, begin by eating salmon, which can help keep your skin hydrated. Aside from this fish, you should also consume citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges. Strawberries and blackberries are good for you, too. These fruits are all rich in vitamin C, which can aid the body in producing collagen. Other foods that you should eat include:

• Veal
• Chicken
• Hazelnuts
• Peas
• Lentils
• Garbanzos
• Almonds

Natural Solutions

You can use apple juice with cantaloupe juice. The mixture should be in equal parts and then you will massage it over your flabby arms. You can do this twice every week. An alternative is to just use cantaloupe, which you can dice into several pieces. Mix with a bit of water and use your blender to turn it into juice. You can add lemon in the solution before you place it on your flaccid arms. Another option is to use one tablespoon of honey and olive oil with one egg yolk. Put the paste to your arms and leave it there for 15 minutes. After that, you can rinse with cold water.


As you change your diet and you apply some of the solutions above, you may want to incorporate some exercises to strengthen your fight against flabby arms. Regularly performing the exercises below can help you tighten your skin and promote better oxygen flow to your arms.

1. Slightly bend your legs while your knees are on the ground. Use your palms to support your weight. Make sure that your arms are straight in line with your shoulders. Keep your spine straight as well as you bend your arms and lower yourself to the ground then rise slowly.

2. You can use a dumbbell as you stand with one of your legs in front of the other. Bend your torso forward just a little bit. You can place a hand on a bench or anything to support yourself. Extend your other arm toward the floor while you hold the dumbbell. Do the same with the other arm.

3. Place your legs apart and extend your arms upward with a dumbbell in your hand. Bend your elbow to your head to make a 90-degree angle. You can perform this while standing up or with your knees on the ground. Make sure you keep your spine straight at all times.

As you perform the exercises, eat healthy, and add application of the natural remedies into your routine, you will eventually find that your arms are slowly getting more toned. Keep doing what you are doing to get the full results.


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