You’ve probably heard about the wonders of vinegar when it comes to our health – even to our skin and hair. It is generally safe for everyone and is also quite inexpensive. But this doesn’t mean you should just keep buying vinegar in stores. You can make it more fun if you make your own vinegar at home. A DIY vinegar project is so easy to accomplish. There are lots of flavors you can experiment with, especially with fruits.

To make your own vinegar at home, you should first have the following ingredients ready:

  • Starter (options will be given below)
  • Liquid with alcohol content
  • Container (glass or any earthenware made of enamel)
  • Cheesecloth

Here are the steps you can easily follow:

1. Take a clean container and pour in the starter of your choice. Make sure the container is as described as above. Avoid aluminum, plastic, and iron as these materials will ruin the vinegar. Swirl the starter around the container to coat all the surfaces with acetic acid bacteria. Your choices for starters include:

  • Unprocessed, unfiltered, and unpasteurized vinegar
  • Mother of vinegar which you can get from anyone who makes vinegar or you can make your own by mixing unpasteurized vinegar with an alcoholic liquid. Put the mixture under the sun for two straight weeks.
  • Mycoderma aceti which you can find in a store that makes wine.
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2. Add the liquid with alcohol content up to the widest point of the container. Make sure there is enough liquid surface area since oxygen is needed for this step. You can use any of the following:

  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Hard cider
  • Fermented fruit juice such as from apples, grapes, and raspberries

3. Cover the container with cheesecloth and hold it in place using a string or rubber band.

A DIY vinegar project is so easy to accomplish / PicHelp

4. Store the container in a place that’s dark and warm. Now all you need to do is wait for about three to four weeks. The recommended room temperature is between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. After the period, you will see how the mother of vinegar is forming if you’re using a glass container. The total waiting time for the mixture to finally become vinegar will depend on the alcoholic liquid you have used and the amount you’re using. However, it is estimated to take at least three weeks up to six months.

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5. After the waiting period, you can now strain the vinegar using cheesecloth or something like a coffee filter. This will separate the mother vinegar from the vinegar.

People have been making various types of vinegar for thousands of years. Try making yours today.


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