Deodorants are such staple items that you probably can’t imagine them out of your life. But deodorants, just like most of the products we use in our everyday lives, have chemicals that tend to be harmful with overuse. Deodorants have aluminum, which can clog up the sweat glands. And what’s worse is that you can have aluminum buildup if you keep on using deodorants.

This is why some women are trying to go without deodorant for at least a week. Although this may seem like a difficult challenge for you, considering the wet armpits and body odor at the end of the day, but Meg Zulch decided to give it a try anyway.

First Day: She was self-conscious as she apologized to everyone about her armpits. However, no one really noticed because they actually didn’t smell bad.

Second Day: Unfortunately, during the second day, the odor was strong that it was almost overwhelming. She tried the simple technique of lifting the arms to reduce the odor, but they were still there. Instead of feeling more conscious about herself, she actually liked going deodorant-less. The pores under her arms felt like they weren’t clogged and ironically, her pits felt fresher.

Third Day: She felt sexier and more confident even when she knew her armpits had “that” smell. She suddenly questioned what was wrong with body odor when it wasn’t supposed to be embarrassing to have a pungent smell that could empower a person.

Meg took a challenge that many would find cringe-worthy / PicHelp
Meg took a challenge that many would find cringe-worthy / PicHelp

Fourth Day: When she woke up on the fourth day without deodorant, the smell of her armpits were no longer too powerful. It could be because she was getting used to it or it could also be that the odor was getting more subtle. She also walked around town and was surprised that she didn’t sweat as much as she would if she wore deodorant on.

Fifth Day: The day began without armpit smell, which pleased her. But this was short-lived as it was 90 degrees outside and as she walked around town with her mom, her pits became really damp. In an enclosed car space, it was even stronger and her mom told her about it.

Sixth Day: Feeling discouraged about what her mom told her, she almost applied a deodorant on that day. However, her mom also suggested using essential oils and she found one that smelled like the ocean. It was effective as it reduced the smell of her armpits.

Seventh Day: A day had passed when she used the essential oils, but her pits still smelled like them. This was the day she decided there’s no need to apply deodorant ever again.

For people who sweat moderately, going deodorant-free could be acceptable. However, for those who sweat more, natural alternatives, such as crystal deodorant, could keep the stench away without worrying about the harmful chemicals.


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