A regular visit to the doctor for a cancer checkup can do more to provide reassurance that you are in good health, but it can also save your life. According to estimates, there will be over 21 million cancer cases and about 13 million deaths due to cancer by 2030. It is even possible that these numbers will increase, particularly if people don’t make the necessary changes. There are preventive measures we can take to lower chances of developing cancer, such as avoiding certain lifestyle choices, including smoking and excessive alcohol drinking. Cancer patients and those who are at risk can boost their survival with the help of early diagnosis.

Save Your Life with Early Cancer Detection

Cancer that’s diagnosed before it spreads or gets too big has a higher chance of being treated successfully. Cancer that has already spread becomes quite difficult even when treated. Additionally, the chance of surviving is much lower than cancer that has been detected early. But how is this possible? Early diagnosis can decrease risk of death. Here’s how it can make a difference depending on the cancer type:

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Bowel Cancer

According to health experts, survival for more than five years is possible when bowel cancer is diagnosed at the earliest phase.

Breast Cancer

Over 90% of breast cancer patients survive the disease for at least five years when diagnosed early, which is why it is important to detect the signs right away.

Cancer patients and those who are at risk can boost their survival with the help of early diagnosis / PicHelp

Ovarian Cancer

Over 90% of women survive ovarian cancer for at least five years when they are diagnosed with the disease early.

Lung Cancer

About 70% of patients survive for at least one year if diagnosed at the earliest stage.

Of course, early diagnosis is not the only important thing to beat cancer. Appropriate treatment is required as well after the diagnosis. There are some cancers though that may be diagnosed late. In fact, there are several patients who are diagnosed with cancer after being admitted to the emergency room of the hospital. There are a few reasons why cancer diagnosis is delayed, including low awareness of signs of cancer, postponed appointments at the hospitals, and GPs referring the patients to other doctors for treatments and tests. There are also other people who are worried about the results of their tests, so they avoid going to the hospital for checkups.

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With the advancements in technology these days, it is even more helpful for us to detect cancer. Many patients use the Internet to report their symptoms, such as fatigue and nausea. Surprisingly, this has helped a lot of patients and even improved their survival.


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