There have been so many changes in our lifestyle and we cannot deny how most of those changes have made us feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to pay the price of these comforts, including the negative impact on our environment. Pollution is one of the most adverse effects of these changes and because of it, the toxin levels in the food we eat have increased dramatically.

Thankfully, we have our kidneys to get rid of the waste and toxins from the blood. These bean-shaped organs perform these important tasks and they also release hormones to help the body function better.

Sadly, we do things that are not good for them and the environment we live in doesn’t help either. In truth, our kidneys cleanse themselves, but we can support them by drinking lots of fluids and eating healthy. We can also take extra steps to aid them in cleansing with the following herbs:

1. Parsley

This herb is a diuretic, which promotes more urine output, leading to flushing germs and bacteria out of the kidneys. Parsley tea for one week can help cleanse the organ.

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Parsley promotes more urine output, leading to flushing germs and bacteria out of the kidneys / PicHelp

2. Dandelion Root

This herb also works like parsley, but dandelion also relieves water retention. If your urinary system is irritated, this herb is also useful. Tea made from dried dandelion root can cleanse the kidneys.

3. Ginger

Another effective herb for the kidneys is ginger, which can remove toxins and even improve digestion. Ginger is also useful for liver cleansing. Making tea out of ginger root is the best way to get the cleansing benefits. You can also include raw ginger in your dishes.

4. Turmeric

This well-known herb has been used for its many medicinal properties, including its cleansing properties. Turmeric not only cleanses the kidneys, but also detoxifies the liver and helps in purifying the blood. This herb also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can prevent infections and inflammation of the kidneys.

5. Celery

Juice celery every day for at least two weeks and drink it to help remove toxins from the body. Celery is a diuretic, so it can increase urination.

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6. Marshmallow Root

This herb also has natural diuretic properties for increased flow of urine. Make tea with a tablespoon of dried marshmallow root, along with its leaves to one cup of water. This herbal tea is recommended to be consumed twice a day for one week to effectively cleanse the kidneys.

Although these home remedies are generally safe for everyone, some people who have serious diseases, such as diabetes, and those who take medications should first talk to their doctor before consuming any of the herbs above.


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