When you are in a bad mood, there is something scientific going on in your body. Chemical balance is disrupted, causing your hormones to fluctuate and your brain to fail to regulate your mood. There are ways that you can try to help you overcome a bad day. These ways are actually very easy to follow that you don’t need the assistance of experts. For instance, you can eat mood-boosting foods and you will soon feel so much better.

Another method that can help you change your mood instantly is through the power of touch. This is one of the reasons why people go for massages in order for them to feel a lot better when they are down. Here are the places in your body that you can touch to lift your mood:

Improve your mood instantly by knowing which part of your body to touch / PicHelp
Improve your mood instantly by knowing which part of your body to touch / PicHelp


Touching your toes can actually help change your mood almost instantly. What happens here is that the very simple activity opens up the hip joints. This is incredibly important because most people tend to store tension in this part of the body. You only need to touch your hip joints for about a minute then gradually stand straight.


Many massages target the neck to improve mood. You don’t need to go to a professional masseuse to release stress through massage. Simply give your neck a quick rub – you can go for about a minute or more if you want – and you will soon feel better.


Ask someone, such as your partner, to massage your shoulders for you. You will soon feel stress moving out of your body as someone continues to touch your shoulders. You can also do this yourself of course, although it would be easier if you have someone else to help you. Nevertheless, if there is no one available, simply massage one shoulder with the opposite hand and then proceed with the next. Continue with the technique for at least two minutes and you will eventually feel the tension go away.


You may think this is difficult to do on your own, but it actually isn’t. It is helpful if you stand straight and place one or both hands on your back. Press your hands against your back as if you are massaging yourself. Do this method for a minute or until you no longer feel stressed out. This technique can increase your serotonin levels by almost 30% and can decrease your stress hormone, cortisol by 31%.

Whenever you are feeling down, you can put your fingers or hands on the mentioned parts of the body. Exercising regularly can help you beat stress as well. Not only will you become much healthier, but being physically active can also boost your mood.


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