For about 15 years, Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon has been studying women’s breasts and he has discovered that those who wear a bra experience more sagging on average than those who don’t. Full 7mm sag was observed after one year of wearing a bra, according to the French professor from the University Hospital of Besancon.

Professor Rouillon has found out that bras don’t offer real benefit to women even after many years of research. As a matter of fact, they cause more damage than those who have ditched the lady harness.

Celebrate no bra day for better health / sandrineboutry
Celebrate no bra day for better health / sandrineboutry

The Research on Breasts and Bras

The French professor conducted a study involving volunteers who were aged between 18 and 35 years old. At the first stage of the study, Rouillon’s medical team discovered that “free” women’s breasts stared much firmer than those who wore bras. Plus, they didn’t have as much stretch marks.

The scientists used a device called a caliber to measure the distance between the breasts. They also utilized a slide rule. This particular research is quite comprehensive and is even considered the most complete compared to other studies conducted in other parts of the world. However, it is to note that this is not the first time that such study is performed and the results are the same. In 1990, Japanese scientists experimented on the relationship between the breasts and bras and they revealed that bras do not really offer anti-sagging benefits.

The Conclusion

Due to the findings of the study performed by the French professor and his medical team, it is concluded that constant wearing of bras will not provide benefits for the women, particularly their breasts. If you want to prevent your twins from drooping over time, it is actually more recommended that you leave your bra behind, as per the study.

Bras are said to combat sagging of breasts, especially those who are on the larger side. Aside from that, many of these bras are marketed to provide greater comfort and even less backaches. Some of them even look appealing even though wearers don’t tend to show them off as they walk the streets.

Unfortunately, the research contradicts everything that bras and their brands claim. If you want to experience less drooping and you don’t want back pain, you should just leave your bra behind or don’t buy a new one. Since the suspension muscles will not work correctly, the tissues slacken as you constantly wear a bra. As a woman, this is something you don’t want to happen.


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