The smell of incense is usually associated with religious activities, such as in churches to get rid of bad spirits. But incense isn’t just used for these reasons as it also has some medicinal benefits. One of its many uses is for headaches, which are a common problem that can happen to anyone. There are many kinds headache and you have to know exactly what you have to know how to treat it. In a 2004 study, about 80% of people had headaches that actually meet the descriptions for migraine.

For more than 5,000 years, incense has been used to treat headaches and migraines. It has active ingredients that include the following:

  • Sesquiterpen hydrocarbons
  • Monoterpenes
  • Diterpenes
  • Boswellic acid

Out of all the active ingredients mentioned, it is thought that incense owes its healing properties to boswellic acid. Incense also has anti-inflammatory benefits that can help improve circulation. It can help relax the nerves and encourages your airways, so that you can breathe better. These benefits can also help reduce neck and head pains.

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There are also studies that show how incense can help those with psychological problems, such as depression. It can help calm the body and mind of the persons inhaling the smoke. If you have hypertension though, you may want to limit your exposure to incense smoke.

Incense can help those with psychological problems / PicHelp

How to Use Incense

There are a few methods in using incense, including with the use of incense match or stick. Incense burners and sticks are very common and are also very easy to use. Once you have found a stick that has non-toxic ingredients, you only need an incense burner to start the burning process. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Burn the stick using the burner.
  2. Have a receptacle ready to dispose of the ash easily.

You can also use a lighter or a match to burn the incense stick. There are also match sticks, which are easy to use, just like you would with a regular match.

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Another way to use incense is through an incense cone, which should be made of Makko powder. This is a natural type of powder that doesn’t smell and can burn wood and essential oils really slowly. The smell of the cone will depend on the type of essential oil used. The cones will burn all the way down, so make sure you have a holder or box to stay safe.

No matter what type of incense you use, you should always be careful. Studies show that burning incense sticks can have the same effects as with cigarette burning. Make sure you don’t overexpose yourself to avoid health consequences.


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