Cancer is a serious disease and should be treated that way. However, Cancer Sutra aims to help couples discover if their significant other is at risk while having fun in the bedroom. The project’s main goal is to guide people on how to check for cancer through 32 sex positions. Among the positions include:

  • Handy Scan – By wedging hips firmly between the legs of your partner, you can examine for breast cancer as you massage her breasts.
  • Amorous Anal-yst – This is one way to observe for prostate cancer while your partner is seated comfortably in front of you and you let your mouth and fingers do their job.
  • Legs Up Checkup – To check if your partner has skin cancer, this is the position to try. Make sure to find your way between her legs by feeling her thighs with your hands.
  • Teste, Teste, 1, 2 – Facing the wall, allow your hand to roam to your lover’s front to discover whether he has testicular cancer or not.
  • Inspect-A-Pec – With the woman lying on her back, get ready for a missionary position with a twist where you meet each thrust while noting the man’s pectorals. This is great for breast cancer inspection.

    Be prepared. Check for cancer symptoms right on your bed / PicHelp
    Be prepared. Check for cancer symptoms right on your bed / PicHelp

With these positions, it is easier to spot cancer signs while couples have sex.


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