If you have extra hairs on your face, you’re not the only one. There are actually many women who have hair on their chin, above the lip, on the sideburns, or along the jawline. These hairs are not only embarrassing for most women, but can also be very difficult to get rid of. Most of the time, when you deal with the hair, you will discover that there’s another growing at another part of your face. What’s even worse is that when you remove the hairs, they eventually grow back – usually stronger, more visible, and thicker.

What Should You Do?

You can use waxing kits, epilators, razors, and trimmers. You can even bleach the hairs in an attempt to make them invisible. But if these methods don’t work for you, there are ways to remove the hair without using these products. Here are simple remedies that have been tested, so you can say goodbye to your unwanted facial hair:

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1. Apricot + Honey

Using ½ cup of dried apricots and a teaspoon of honey, you can make a scrub that can remove facial hair. To make the scrub, put the dried apricot in a blender to make a powder and then add honey afterward. Mix the two well and apply on your face for five to 10 minutes.

2. Lavender + Tea Tree Oil

This mixture is great for women with hirsutism, where the chin and breast have unwanted hair growth. Simply mix a teaspoon of lavender oil with about four to six drops of tea tree oil in a cotton ball. Apply on the areas with hair and repeat two to three times a day for three months.

There are ways to remove hair by using natural ingredients / PicHelp

3. Orange Peel + Lemon Peel

Grind the lemon and orange peel until they are turned into powder. Take a teaspoon of the powder and add a teaspoon of ground almond, rose water, and oatmeal. Add two teaspoons of olive oil as well and you will have a paste. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it there for at least five minutes.

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4. Papaya + Turmeric

Scoop out the flesh of the papaya fruit and add ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder. Mix these two together and apply the thick paste onto the parts of the face with hair. Wash with warm water after 15 minutes.

These home remedies are safe for everyone, but you may want to consult with your doctor before you try them, particularly if you have a serious health condition.


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