You don’t need gym membership or expensive equipment to build the body you want to achieve. Look great in no time with these muscle-building exercises that you can do at home minus the weights:


You don’t need a trainer to look at how you’re doing with this exercise. You also don’t need any type of equipment, which makes pull-ups easy to do even when you’re at home. To build muscle mass with this exercise, you need to do this at least twice a week. Pull-ups exercises are among the easiest yet fundamental exercises as they help in maximizing the use of your neck, arms, and back. As you continue to do this workout, you will eventually have a leaner and stronger body. Keep doing this exercise until you cannot lift yourself anymore because of fatigue.


Crunches annoy a lot of people because this exercise challenges both their stamina and patience. If you are trying to build muscle mass, do not forget your waist area, therefore making crunches a great way to achieve the look you want. For crunches to be effective in giving you muscle mass, you should combine running and cardio. However, if you only want to flatten your stomach or have more defined abs, you can just stick to crunches.


Using your body weight, you surely don’t need any type of equipment to build muscle mass with this exercise. This is very easy to do and you can do it anywhere at home. You can even do this workout with different hand positions and even on an elevated surface. This workout is effective in building muscle mass as this uses several muscles in the body.

Bulgarian Split Squat

This is a type of lunge exercise that builds muscles and increases leg strength as well. It is mostly used in tightening and lifting the butt area although it is also quite effective in helping your knees and hips when it comes to their mobility. There is no need for you to go to the gym as the Bulgarian Split Squats can be performed just about anywhere.

Ring Dips

If you’re on strength training, this is one of the exercises that you must do. Ring dips are great for forcing the body to become more effective while keeping the shoulders much healthier. You will continuously be in motion as you do this workout. You need blast straps or rings to do this exercise.

You don't need anything to be fit and healthy, just the right determination and technique / PicHelp
You don’t need anything to be fit and healthy, just the right determination and technique / PicHelp

Using just your body and a little bit of whatever you have at home, you can build muscle without fancy equipment.


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