Night vision gear is considered as cutting edge technology and this is only fair as they are quite sophisticated and comes with exorbitant prices. But those who want this superhuman power may find this news quite exciting. A small group of people considered as “biohackers” from the state of California successfully provided a volunteer with temporary night vision.

How Did They Do It?

The temporary ability to see at night was made possible by injecting a chemical directly onto the eye of the volunteer. It was incredible as it indeed allowed him to see more than 160 feet in the dark. Although it was only for a brief period of time, the superhuman capability is now possible without using night vision gear.

The group is called Science for the Masses and they wanted to see if a chemical chlorophyll analog known as Chlorin e6 or Ce6 did have the power to allow people to see in the dark. The chemical mixture is from a type of fish from the deep see. It is also being used today to treat cancer and even night blindness – one of the reasons why the group decided to investigate on its capacity.

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Do you want to have night vision? Now you can / Gabriel Licina
Do you want to have night vision? Now you can / Gabriel Licina

Background of the Study

It was back in the year 2012 when Totada Shantha filed a patent on a substance that can induce night vision for healthy people and to help treat the condition night blindness in people who suffer from it. The substance is injected into the retina and when it is absorbed, the night vision effect is experienced. The patent holders believed that it was safe to use the treatment.

The Science for the Masses used the same formula except that they added their own chemicals where they added dimethlysulfoxide, which is a chemical that increases permeability and insulin. These two are added to the saline solution to make the compound work and successfully influence the retina’s rods to become more light sensitive even in the dark.

Can You Try This at Home?

That's the injection right there / Gabriel Licina
That’s the injection right there / Gabriel Licina

It is not recommended that you do this at home, but in case you want to, you have to be extremely careful. Note that increase amplification of light could have negative effects on the eye’s cellular structure, particularly if improperly utilized. The purpose of the study was to inform and research only. There are some materials used in the research that cannot be used on humans and even animals.


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