If you are skinny, you shouldn’t rest easy. There’s a new health problem in which a skinny person is not only unhealthy, but has obesity-related health problems, including pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Take for example Claire Walker Johnson from Queens, NY. She puzzled doctors and was the envy of many women because her weight doesn’t change no matter how much she ate. But the problem with her is that she had the following conditions:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Steatosis or fatty liver
Misconception: Obese people are unhealthy, while slimmer individuals are healthy / PicHelp

The conditions mentioned above are common in people who are obese. Out of the four, Ms. Johnson having a fatty liver disease is indeed shocking. The accumulation of fat in the liver is mainly due to obesity, but this woman is not obese at all. In fact, she is very skinny. If left untreated, the fatty liver disease could cause liver failure.

How Do Skinny People Become “Fat?”

There is a misconception that obese people are unhealthy, while slimmer individuals are healthy. While it is true that being obese has a lot of health consequences, many skinny people neglect their health. They immediately assume they are the healthy ones because of their appearance. Unfortunately, one out of four skinny people are considered metabolically obese and have pre-diabetes. What’s even worse is that these skinny diabetics have higher death rate than patients who have diabetes and are obese.

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The biggest reason why there are skinny obese persons is that they try to become skinny and they forget they have to be fit as well. Thankfully, it is not too late to solve the problem. If you are skinny obese or you think you are unhealthy despite being lightweight, here are some solutions to remedy the situation:

1. Exercise Properly

Most people would run to get rid of the flab. But not lifting is a bad decision. This is indeed surprising, but both weight training and weightlifting should be prioritized to increase flexibility and muscle strength and mass. Less muscle mass increases diabetes risk.

2. No to Artificial Sweeteners

Drinking soft drinks is bad, even the diet ones. They can alter the body’s natural metabolism and can also cause diabetes because of their excessive sugar content and other chemicals.

3. Eat Right

Stop avoiding oily foods, such as salmon, sardines, and other omega-3 rich foods. They are healthy and can stabilize cholesterol levels, while reducing blood pressure.

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Lack of sleep and high stress levels can cause skinny fat syndrome. Drinking tea can help relax the senses, reducing stress.


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