The Japanese kaki is a fruit that is best known as persimmon, but others call this the Divine Fruit. Whatever it is that you want to call this fruit, this is one that you must try. Although it resembles a tomato, it is actually a berry that has very low calories. It has many variants from astringent to non-astringent ones and you can consume this fruit raw or dried.

Kaki fruits are high in minerals, including calcium and phosphorus. They are also rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C and A. Here are more details about the benefits you get for your health when you eat this fruit:

Best for Losing Weight

If you have a medium-sized kaki, this will typically weight about 168 grams, offering you just 31 grams of carbs. The good news is that kaki fruits almost have no fat in it. If you’re trying to lose some pounds, this is one of the best options for you to snack on.

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Source of Phytochemicals

Kakis have different phytochemicals, including polyphenolic antioxidants and catechins, which are powerful compounds that prevent inflammation and infection.

Hemorrhoid Fighter

Permit us to introduce to you persimmons - you can thank us later / PicHelp
Permit us to introduce to you persimmons – you can thank us later / PicHelp

The Japanese kaki contains anti-hemorrhagic properties, which is actually why this fruit has long been used in several medicinal practices in treating excessive bleeding of wounds.

Rich in Fiber

Fiber has always been known for being beneficial for the digestive system and for bowel movements as well. When you regularly eat fiber-rich foods, such as kakis, this can help reduce problems that are related to eliminating waste from the body. This eventually paves the way for a much healthier digestive system. Aside from fiber, this fruit has tannins that are effective in regulating intestinal movement. If you have diarrhea, you can eat kakis to get relief.

Food for Diabetics

Diabetic patients get hungry almost all the time. Because they are prone to hunger pangs, they can turn to foods such as kakis to curb their hunger. This characteristic is attributed to the fruit’s high fiber content. Additionally, kakis are also known to have the ability to regulate blood sugar levels.

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Food for People with Hypertension

If you eat foods that are high in sodium, this can trigger hypertension, which can be deadly as it can lead to other serious diseases. Thankfully, kakis don’t have high amounts of sodium that can cause hypertension, so you can eat as many fruits as you want.

Kakis or persimmons have a good combination of vitamins and minerals. Add this to your diet whether you are diabetic or with high blood pressure to experience the health benefits.


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