If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, you’ve probably read that he said rosemary can improve memory in Hamlet. It turns out that he was right as researchers have discovered the herb does enhance people’s ability to remember. If you need a bit of a boost on your memory, so you could take your medication on time or avoid forgetting a special day, rosemary could help you.

Facts about Rosemary

Rosemary is an herb that is normally used in the kitchen. Over the years though, it has been proven that rosemary can be used as a remedy for many health problems. One of the unique benefits of rosemary is protecting individuals from having nightmares. This is why it is used in amulets, which are placed under pillowcases.

The claim about how rosemary can improve memory is not new. In fact, it was used in ancient Greece by students whenever they have to study for their exams. So how does this simple herb aid in boosting our ability to remember? Studies have discovered that it contains carnosic acid. This particular acid, along with the other natural acids, can fight off the free radicals that damage the brain.

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Rosemary has compounds that can prevent the processing of a chemical known as acetylcholine. When this happens, the cells in the brain will be able to communicate even more clearly, while making sure that memory is enhanced up to 75%.

Other Studies

What can you do with 75% improved memory? / PicHelp
What can you do with 75% improved memory? / PicHelp

There are even more studies that show how rosemary, particularly the essential oil, can increase alertness, which in turn improve long-term memory. A team of psychologists tested whether or not the rosemary essential oil could really boost memory. The research, which was performed at the Northumbria University in Newcastle, presented the findings and said that the aromas of the essential oils were indeed real.

According to Dr. Mark Moss who gave the findings during the conference for the British Psychology Society, the research was performed to investigate whether the claims on rosemary being an effective memory enhancer was real. Previous research indeed suggested that the herb can improve both mental arithmetic and long-term memory.

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The study gave emphasis to prospective memory, which is when you remember events that will take place in the coming days as well as in remembering tasks that need to be completed at a specific time. Such ability to remember is crucial for functioning well daily, such as when you need to greet someone a happy birthday or go to an important event.


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