It was on June 6th of 2012 when renowned writer Ann Cameron had a surgery for her stage 3 colon cancer. It was newly diagnosed and yet she refused to undergo chemo because she felt better after the operation. However, six months later, she had a CT scan and the results showed signs of a probable lung cancer. The oncologist told her she could have three years to live at the most and chemotherapy would not be able to help her.

The Carrot Juice Treatment

The distraught Ann Cameron searched for alternative methods on how to cure cancer until she stumbled upon a letter written by Ralph Cole who is from California. Ralph claimed that drinking carrot juice was able to eliminate cell cancers found in his neck.

Ann was swayed by the letter since Ralph was very detailed with his experience and didn’t seem to be selling any kind of product. So, on the 17th of November the same year, Ann started her carrot juice treatment. The juice, which she drank daily, came from five pounds of carrots as instructed by Ralph Cole. On November 27th, 10 days later, she had a PET scan, which confirmed that there were swollen lymph nodes with two small tumors between her lungs.

No Other Treatment

According to Ann Cameron, her oncologist told her to have chemotherapy, but she refused when she read about the dreadful side effects. Even if she didn’t reject the therapy, drinking carrot juice is still perfectly compatible with radiation. Nevertheless, Ann had no other treatments, no radiation, and no chemo. She also didn’t change her diet as she continued to eat meat, ice cream, and foods that were not recommended for her health condition. The only change was adding carrot juice to her daily diet.

Life-Changing Natural Therapy

That's Ann Cameron, now cancer free. Thanks to carrot juice / PicHelp
That’s Ann Cameron, now cancer free. Thanks to carrot juice / PicHelp

Ann started to notice the changes soon enough after eight weeks of drinking carrot juice. She went to her doctors to have her first CT scan and it showed the cancer didn’t grow. The tumors also shrunk and there were fewer swollen lymph nodules. For the next six months up to July 30th, she didn’t stop drinking carrot juice every day except when she traveled.

On March 30th of the same year, the CT scan showed no cancer growth, no new cancer, and no swollen lymph nodes. Four months later, the CT scan results showed that she was cancer-free. Up to this day, she remains a cancer survivor, thanks to carrot juicing daily. The juice has fatty alcohol and anticancer properties. Carotene from carrots also prevents the growth and development of tumor cells.

Ann Cameron change the way we look at carrot juice
Ann Cameron change the way we look at carrot juice


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