An average woman should drink 96 ounces of water daily, as recommended by experts and First Lady Michelle Obama. This sounds like an awful lot of water for most people, but here’s something interesting that can help convince you to drink more water.

The Challenge of Drinking More Water

The challenge was to drink 96 ounces of water every single day for a whole week. The girl who accepted the challenge wanted to use water as a way to get rid of her acne problems. She also wanted the dark circles under her eyes disappear and make herself look younger. Many websites and magazines have already claimed that drinking more water daily can help remove skin problems and even improve overall wellbeing.

For the water challenge, she did not change her meal plans, how she takes care of her skin, her sleeping patterns, how much she works, and her alcohol consumption. The only modification is the addition more of water to her regular routine. Of course, due to higher consumption of liquid, her bladder would respond differently though this was a risk she was willing to take. After all, the benefits of drinking more water could outweigh this consequence.

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The New Routine

The girl lives in New York City where tap water is very clean and safe to drink. This is why she chose not to buy bottled water every day. Instead she took three bottles that could hold 32 ounces of water with her wherever she went. This way, she would be able to reach her goal of drinking the volume of water as stated in the challenge.

One thing that she noticed after a few times of drinking water was that it was not as challenging as she thought it was. As she calculated, she had more than 17 hours every day to drink the water from the moment she got up to the time she slept.

Here's why 96 oz of water daily can do to you. Take note of the difference in skin tone / PicHelp
Here’s why 96 oz of water daily can do to you. Take note of the difference in skin tone / PicHelp

The Result

Since the challenge was only for a week, there was not much change in her appearance that she noted. However, she blamed it on the fact that she did not modify most of her regular routine. Still, she did observe that some of the acne on her chin disappeared, but she did end up with a zit on her face. Nevertheless, drinking more water wasn’t that bad. She actually noted that her afternoon headaches disappeared and she no longer drank a lot of soda and alcohol.


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