Water is one of the best things we have on earth. We all need water to survive and it can also do wonders to your health, such as cleansing our body to get rid of the wastes. Most people are used to drinking other beverages and there are even some who choose these beverages over water. Some love caffeine too much that they cannot go one single day without the caffeine boost they are used to.

What will happen if such individuals were to drink only water not just for one day or a week, but one whole month? This is what the experiment is about.

The Water-Only Challenge

You might think this challenge is no challenge at all, simply because it is too tame compared to other experiments out there. But for people who are used to drinking coffee or tea or are social drinkers, this is a major lifestyle change. Two men and two women who are accustomed to other sources of hydration were asked to do the challenge. While they had mixed reviews at the end of the experiment, they all agreed it is not something they were willing to go through again.

Dying right now? Really? / PicHelp: BuzzFeed
Dying right now? Really? / PicHelp: BuzzFeed

Because some people are so used to having coffee, tea, or even alcohol every day, drinking water only for the whole month made them feel different with their bodies. They immediately noticed the changes during the first few days of the challenge. Some of the noticeable effects of the challenge were:

  • Emotional outbursts
  • Feeling tired
  • Headaches

Despite claims of other water lovers out there about the beverage being a weight loss aid, the participants in this experiment actually gained weight. This is mostly due to the fact that they believed they could eat anything because they were drinking healthy.

Post Water-Only Challenge

Even though the four participants were not so pleased about drinking water only for 30 days, they actually gained a number of benefits after the challenge. One recalled that he no longer had to sleep late because he did not feel the need to drink coffee late at night. Another also said she feels she really is hydrated, which helped her achieve her goal at the beginning of the challenge: to no longer be dehydrated.

There is nothing wrong if you choose not to drink water only since drinking coffee, soda, and other fluids can also contribute to hydrating your body. It is important that water is your baseline drink and practice moderation with the other drinks. You can also eat foods that contain high amounts of water, such as spinach and watermelon.

In case you’re interested, here’s the video of the “experiment”


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