If you want to be productive tomorrow at work or at school, don’t use your smartphone before you go to bed. Based on the study performed by the National Sleep Foundation, many smartphone owners, including children and adults, sleep beside an active electronic device. Doing so can prevent the body from correctly producing melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy during the night.

About 75% of young people and 89% of older Americans leave at least one electronic device on when they sleep. This habit is clearly common and you could be one of those who keep their smartphones or tablets on at night. Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on your melatonin production, so your sleep cycle is disrupted.

How Smartphones Affect Sleep

The blue light that comes from your smartphone has the ability to interrupt your sleep. Aside from that, it is so powerful that it can reduce your ability to have a natural sleep cycle. Add the fact that you can receive a text in the middle of the night or you woke up to check the time using your phone. When you do such things, you are actually damaging a peaceful sleep.

Other Electronics that Affect Sleep

Smartphones are not the only ones that people use while they are in bed. There are also adults and children who have TVs, computers, tablets, mp3s, and video games in their bedrooms. It is quite surprising though that even though there are more adults who own these electronics, it is the children who leave those electronics on at night most of the time.

Devices On vs. Off

Both kids and adults who turn off their mobile devices at night have about an hour more of sleep compared to those who leave their smartphones on for the rest of the night. Apart from the additional amount of sleep, their quality of sleep also becomes fair to excellent.

There are many studies that have proven how Americans, most especially the younger ones, are sleep-deprived. This can become disastrous over time because sleep is necessary to everyone’s life. This peaceful activity is quite important when it comes to maintaining the health of the brain as well as with decreasing stress. If you want to function well from the day you wake up to the time you go back to bed, you should have enough sleep.

As a piece of advice, you should turn off your smartphone to avoid feeling tired when you wake up the next morning. Also, stop watching show reruns for at least a week. These small improvements can help you increase your sleep hours and efficiency until you become used to them like a routine.


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