We all want to look our best, but what we don’t know is that most of the products we can buy in the self-care section are only skin deep. You shouldn’t just aim for looking your best on the outside, but on the inside as well.

This is where healthy foods come in. They have nutrients that can boost your appearance, while giving you health benefits that can also make you feel better. It’s a natural approach that will not cost you much. Here are the best foods that can help create a healthier and more appealing you inside and out:

1. Wild Salmon

Fish is good for you and salmon, especially arctic char, can keep your skin hydrated, giving you younger and fairer skin. The omega-3s in salmon also provides several benefits, so eat about six ounces twice daily to improve your look.

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2. Plain Yogurt

Eat this for probiotics, which help in digestion and detox. Probiotics also improve absorption of vitamins and minerals from the other foods you eat. You can also use plain yogurt as a face mask. Greek yogurt works best because of its thickness and it won’t drip like other yogurt varieties. The lactic acid in yogurt can remove dead skin cells, smoothen your skin, and even improve your complexion.

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3. Green Tea

This beverage has always been known as a free radical fighter. With the high amount of antioxidants, green tea can protect your body against unnatural aging. Drinking green tea may also help you lose weight faster.

4. Coconut Oil

You may not have thought about adding coconut oil to your coffee or your smoothie, but this can help you avoid constipation and even have a flatter stomach in just a few weeks.

5. Lemon Juice

Like green tea, this citrus fruit is a natural detoxifier that can also purify the blood. This helps clear your skin and even improve your breath. If you like to apply nail polish, you can get rid of the yellowness of your nails with lemon. Just soak your nails in a bowl with lemon and water and you’ll see the difference.

Sometimes, our diet affects our appearance and our health. If you like to consume dairy products or those with gluten, try to avoid them for a few days until you’re used to their absence. You will notice that puffiness is reduced, allowing you to lose weight faster and even think clearer.


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