If you love tank tops, but can’t seem to wear them because you’re conscious about the excess weight on your arms and back, then you need to get rid of your so-called bat wings.

Your triceps are the largest muscles found in your arms and therefore they usually define your upper body. If they look a little flabby, you may not be comfortable in wearing sleeveless tops. Instead of hiding your arms, you can perform a toning routine that targets this part of the body. Aside from that, you’re also strengthening your core muscles and even tighten your waistline.

Here are some moves that you should add in your routine, so you can show off your sexy arms as you wear sleeveless clothing:

Triceps Pushups

Here’s one move that targets your triceps. Get down on your knees and go to a plank position. Follow the rest of the steps below:

  1. Place your hands under your chest as you create a triangle using your fingers. Do this by turning your hands a little bit towards you.
  2. Lower yourself down to the floor slowly. This helps as it makes sure your body is in a straight line and can therefore strengthen your core.
  3. Push yourself up in the same speed as with the second step. Be certain to squeeze the back of your arms as well as the middle part of your back.
  4. Push your shoulders away from your ears.
  5. Repeat this 10 to 15 times.
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Pilates Overhead Press

This is a very easy exercise that can help remove bat wings. You will need dumbbells or a body bar. Repeat the steps below 10 to 15 times:

  1. Sit on the floor and have your legs in a diamond position.
  2. Slightly lean forward as you hold your choice of equipment as mentioned above.
  3. Hold the body bar or the dumbbells at chest level.
  4. Your shoulder blades should be pulled back, which engages the core muscles and the latissimus dorsi (the broadest muscle in your back).
  5. Keep the equipment diagonally up as you push your own weight up and away from your body.

Deltoid Raise

Here’s another very simple exercise that can tone your triceps. Perform three sets of this move, repeating the steps 10 to 15 times:

  1. Stand with your feet apart, equal to the width of your hips. Bend your knees a little bit.
  2. Lean forward at 20 degrees at your waist. Feel your core muscles engaged, which will help you prepare for movement.
  3. Place the dumbbells on your sides with your palms facing your body.
  4. Raise your arms, forming a T position.
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Toning your arms is actually easy and doesn’t require you to use heavy weights. Along with healthy diet, you can stop gaining weight in your arms with the moves above.


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