It’s no surprise that most men want their wives or girlfriends to look good. And these days, looking good is almost the same as being slim. Of course, it’s not right to judge a person based on his or her physical appearance.

There are a lot of horror and harassment stories that are related to this subject. One is about Christine Carter, 28 years old. Her boyfriend is not like most men. Instead of wanting her to look physically attractive, he forced her to stay fat to keep other guys from looking at her.

According to Christine, she had been battling with her weight for some time now and she wanted to stop gaining. This is why she discussed about getting gastric sleeve surgery with her boyfriend.

Christine’s weight loss journey in a picture / PicHelp

Also known as sleeve gastrectomy, this procedure allows patients to lose weight really easily because it doesn’t require much maintenance and doesn’t have recorded complications. Because the surgery has a number of potential benefits to patients, including:

  1. Reducing hunger
  2. Shorter time needed to operate unlike gastric bypass
  3. Not requiring re-routing intestines
  4. Absence of dumping syndrome, which is characterized by weakness and abdominal discomfort
  5. No regular adjustments required (compared to Lap Band procedure)
  6. No leaving of foreign objects in the body (unlike Lap Band, which leaves a silicone band in the stomach)
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Weight loss will occur in 18 months and so, Christine excitedly talked about it with her boyfriend. To her surprise, he wasn’t as supportive as she thought he would be. He got really angry, but this didn’t stop Christine from reaching her goal. She insisted on shedding off the pounds and went through the surgery, which allowed her to lose 50 pounds. She didn’t stop there since she continued to eat healthy and work out, which enabled her to shed 100 pounds. To get rid of excess skin, she underwent abdominoplasty. During all this time, her boyfriend became terrible to her. So, she decided to dump him like what she did with her weight.

If you’re doing the same thing – meaning eating healthy and exercising – and yet you’re still not losing weight, there’s an important message that Christine just showed us. Most of us do not really know that stress can also contribute to being fat. When we learn to let go of such negativity in our life, it may be much easier and faster for us to lose weight.


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