If you find it hard to get up every morning and you cannot concentrate whenever the sun is up, but you are productive in the evenings, chances are you are a night person. There are a few reasons why you are a night owl, including poor sleeping habits and genetics. Although the early bird is more lauded over the night owl, there are advantages of being up all night. Of course, there are disadvantages as well, including some health concerns.

Why Being a Night Owl is Better

1. You’re smarter. This is not just from night owls themselves, but there are studies performed where late risers have higher IQ. According to one study headed by Satoshi Kanazawa, a scientist at the London of Economics and Political Science, intelligent children turn out to be nocturnal.

2. You have more stamina. Also called “night strength,” night owls are more focused overall where they can focus on their tasks longer and better compared with the early birds. This is heavily attributed to night owls’ ability to stay up at night without buckling under pressure, particularly without enough sleep. Additionally, night owls have more sex, which actually has many health benefits, including having a healthy heart and improved immune system.

3. You stay mentally alert for a longer time. After waking up, you remain alert for several more hours than early birds. In 2009, the University of Liege in Belgium discovered that the brain of night persons remain active even after almost 11 hours of being awake.

Why You Shouldn’t Be a Night Owl

Are you a night owl? / PicHelp
Are you a night owl? / PicHelp

1. You could have health problems. This is probably the biggest reason why you should avoid being a night person. When you sleep during hours that the body is not used to, this can cause irregular heartbeats and stress. Additionally, if you work on the computer, this can lead to eyestrain. According to studies, those who work late at night have increased risk of breast cancer and diabetes.

2. You’re sleep deprived. Since the body is not used to sleeping in the morning, you will not have enough sleep, which can cause problems. In order to stay healthy, you need sleep as it comes with several benefits, including improved memory and even a longer life.

3. You’re at risk of depression. Most night owls have mood disorders, which can cause mental instability. Depression is considered as the most common trait of night persons because of a phenomenon known as social jetlag, where sleeping and waking don’t meet societal norms.

Being a night person does have its pros and cons. Night owls versus early birds have been a debate for quite a long time now. While it may be difficult to change your routine for now, it is important that you know not only the benefits, but the consequences of staying up all night as well.


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