If you are around health buffs, they will probably tell you that brown rice is a better choice than white rice. No matter which you choose, rice is a healthy source of energy. But when it comes to health, which one is really the better option?

The Differences

Obviously, the main difference lies in the color of these two rice varieties. The reason why brown rice is brown is because it has bran, while white rice is white because bran and germ are eliminated. Germ makes rice vulnerable to rancidity. This is bad because this “germ” has high amounts of polyunsaturated fat that easily oxidizes. When this happens, oxidation can lead to several problematic reactions, causing your body to become ill. This does not mean that white rice is healthier though.

Brown rice is more preferred by people who are trying to lose weight. This is mainly because of the high fiber content in this type of rice. In fact, brown rice has more fiber than its white counterpart because of the way brown rice is processed. The bran in this rice gives you the fiber that your body requires to keep your fuller for a longer time and have a regular bowel movement.

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Brown rice also has twice the amount of phosphorus and manganese that white rice has. It also has almost three times the iron and vitamin B3 content. Brown rice also has more vitamin B1 and B6 than white rice. Brown rice is essential for those who want to lower their cholesterol levels, as well as those with metabolic issues. Brown rice does not have gluten and even reduces the risk of colon cancer.Brown Rice vs White Rice

With the benefits of brown rice, you may think this is the better rice for you. However, while this type of rice may have a lot of fiber, it is not the best nutrient known to man. Also, there are numerous people who are against the consumption of starch, which is what white rice really is – pure starch. While starch does is believed to bad because it breaks down into glucose, causing high insulin in the body, the truth is our bodies run on glucose, which is one of the best fuel sources. Glucose that comes from carbs, such as starch, does not really cause insulin resistance.

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Still, scientists and medical professionals caution people into consuming tons of rice. Some individuals eat rice every day as their main food source. As to which rice is better, brown rice is still considered the more nutritious type. However, be sure that what you consume is not rancid; otherwise, this will only negate the health benefits offered by this type of rice.


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