Air conditioning systems can be such a blessing for us, especially on a hot summer’s day. There are a lot of positive things to say air conditioners, including for people who have asthma and allergies.

ACs can filter pollen and dust and can also dry out humidity, while cleaning the air out. As a result, you breathe cleaner air and you avoid suffering from heat stroke.

If you’re working in an office and you’re thankful for the AC, you probably don’t know it’s one of the health hazards in your workplace. These could include the following:

Air conditioners can become a breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria / PicHelp

Breathing Problems

Air conditioners can become a breeding ground for different kinds of bacteria. Fungi can develop and can house black mold because of moisture buildup in the ducts and coils. When the microorganisms spread in the air, this can cause Legionnaire’s disease, a type of infectious pneumonia caused by Legionella pneumophila bacteria.

Feeling Ill

If you’ve been feeling ill and you feel tired with constant headaches, you can blame your office’s air conditioning system. This is especially true if you often feel these problems after you leave work. Many employees have already complained about a general sense of malaise as soon as they leave the office building. After resting at home, those symptoms disappear. Oftentimes, the problem occurs in buildings that use central air conditioning units.

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Getting Contaminated

According to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, pollution is worse inside than outside, particularly in places that use central air conditioning units. This is because this type of AC system does not give fresh air; instead, old air circulates in and around the office. This puts everyone in the room at risk, especially if there’s mold, animal dander, dust, and other people who have air-borne infections.

A number of studies have shown that people who work at air-conditioned environments use more of healthcare services. This means they visit their doctors more often and they spend more money as they do so. One analysis discovered that most of the complaints were about ears, nose, and throat problems, along with dermatological and respiratory problems. Compared to workplaces without air conditioning systems, there are more absences due to sickness, particularly in middle aged women.

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But these problems can be avoided if the air conditioning system is maintained extremely well. It should be cleaned and checked regularly, so that people in the building can reap the benefits of office AC.


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