A new study found out that milk doesn’t really protect against bone fractures and may even be causing early death.

This may go against everything you know from years of TV advertising but more and more experts now want you to ditch milk in favor of this drink that has way more benefits and no side effects.

Milk Spill
Years of advertising taught us to drink milk to be healthy, a new research suggests otherwise. /Getty

And what do they suggest instead? Yogurt

The British Medical Journal debunked the widely popular idea that milk is good for your health, especially to protect yourself against hip fractures and broken bones. As it turns out, this isn’t the case. The group tracked more than 100,000 Swedish men and women for up to 23 years and found out that regular milk consumption didn’t decrease the risk of bone fracture, worse the study learned that avid milk drinkers were more likely to die at younger ages than their counterparts who drank little to no milk.

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While remains a good source of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus, the same nutrients can be found in yogurt.

Uppsala University, the Karolinska Institute and the Swedish National Food Agency tested the popular suggestion of milk consumption for a better health and have obtained inconclusive evidence on milks effect in reducing bone fracture risk.

The Swedish researchers tested 17,252 women and learned that drinking milk did not appear to reduce the risk of obtaining bone fracture.

Even more concerning is the result of the study that reveals “avid milk-drinkers were 93% more likely than their counterparts to die during the course of the study.” Those who drank at least three glasses of milk a day were 90% more likely to die of cardiovascular disease and 44% more likely to die of cancer compared with women who drank less than one glass of milk per day.

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The effects although not at that high rate were similar in men.

The experts suggest already government approved alternatives like yogurt, cheese and other fermented dairy products as alternative. On this list, yogurt emerges as the best in terms of nutrient content and added health benefits.

C Mary Schooling, a public health epidemiologist at the City University of New York wrote an editorial on the issue. She said the milk may “help people live long enough to have children (and help this trait spread) but they might not help people survive into old age.”

“The role of milk in mortality needs to be established definitively now,” she added.


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