Drinking water is the second most important thing (next to breathing) we need in order to live. Water has a lot of benefits for the body, including:

  • Detoxifying the cells to flush out accumulated waste
  • Helping the body receive and send messages (electrolyte function)
  • Eye lubrication
  • Thinning the lymphatic fluid and blood
  • Production of saliva, sweat, blood, and mucus membranes

Without water, you will get sick, age early, slow down, and even die. Now that you know how important water is for your survival, you probably downed a glass of water, thinking it’s a simple process. Unfortunately, it’s not like that – drinking water involves knowing the how, what, how much, and when. Here are the mistakes you could be doing now:

1. Drinking a Lot of Water When You Wake Up

You’ve probably heard about this as a solution for easy weight loss, which is why you do it every morning. Some even say you should drink up to two liters of water. But drinking too much water as soon as you get up can dilute your stomach acid, making it go to your small intestine. This can cause inflammation and diminishes the efficiency of the pancreatic enzymes in digesting carbs. Avoiding cold water and drinking one glass only can rehydrate you safely.

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2. Avoiding Water Before Bedtime

You probably don’t want to disrupt your sleep because you feel like peeing, so you don’t drink water before you sleep. However, one glass is all you need to decrease heart attack and stroke risk. You choose.

3. Drinking While Eating

It is not recommended that you drink too much water, especially cold water, when you’re eating. But it helps to sip 150mL of water (of room temperature) at most. The liquid will serve as lubricant for the food you eat, so that it will go down easily to your stomach.

4. Drinking Eight Glasses of Water Every Day

This is the suggested amount, but it does not mean it applies to everyone. The amount of water you need depends on your body size, your kidney function, your metabolism, and the activities you engage in. To be on the safe side, drink every two hours (unless you perform heavy activities) to detoxify your body.

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Don't laugh but there are more than one ways you could be drinking water wrongly / PicHelp
Don’t laugh but there are more than one ways you could be drinking water wrongly / PicHelp

5. Drinking to Make You Feel Fuller

Some people get into the habit of drinking too much, so they don’t overeat. This can actually make you unhealthy. Drink enough water, but make sure you also eat your snacks and your meals.

Most people drink filtered water. Unfortunately, you are not only filtering out the bad things, but the healthy and active ingredients as well. Instead of filtered water, charge the fluid with oxygen and some sea salt.


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