There are health habits you have acquired from your parents who got these habits from your grandparents. As your ancestors established a set of rules that “guarantees” your wellbeing, this does not mean they are indeed right. Researchers study various methods in life and they have discovered how some of these health habits are not exactly as healthy as most people think.

Drinking Eight Glasses of Water Daily

You’ve probably heard about drinking at least eight glasses of water every day, not only from your mom but from some health experts. Water is good for the body, but you shouldn’t force yourself to drink as much water as other people tell you. You need water, but the amount will depend on your age, the climate in the region you live, your diet, and how active you are. Instead of counting how many glasses you consume every day, look at your urine, which will tell you whether you need more water or less of it. If the color resembles lemonade or a shade lighter, you’re doing just fine.

Do you drink 8 glasses of water? Depending on a number of factors that may not be the best amount for you / PicHelp
Do you drink 8 glasses of water? Depending on a number of factors that may not be the best amount for you / PicHelp

Brushing Your Teeth Three Times a Day

Three times a day for brushing your teeth is actually too many, but it’s bad habit too if you only brush your teeth once. Clean your teeth in the morning and at night only. Extra brushing can actually destroy your teeth’s enamel, which will expose you to gum and teeth problems. Most people tend to eat something acidic during lunchtime. Avoid brushing at this time of the day and just floss instead.

Washing Hands after Applying Sunscreen

When you wash your hands after you put on sunscreen, you obviously leave a part of your body exposed to UV rays. This can lead to accelerated aging because you just removed sunscreen on your hands.

Countering Fever with Drugs

If your body temperature increases, this means that the immune system is fighting the infection. Unfortunately, most people take the side of the infectious matter by taking pills that reduce fever. Instead of popping pills to your mouth, let the fever run its course. If you’re cold, go under the covers. You should only seek medical help if your fever is 103 degrees F and it lasts longer than three days.

Showering Every Day

Unless your work deals with sewer pipes, daily showering isn’t recommended by experts. The outermost skin later locks in moisture, but frequent showering, especially with serious scrubbing can destroy the oils and lipids in the layer of the skin.

You may think that you have mastered these health habits, but in truth they are sabotaging your wellbeing. Be truly healthy by learning the right ways as backed by new research.


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