Some parts of the body are useful in letting you know if something there’s something wrong and you may be surprised that your nails are among them. The texture, shape, color, and the condition of the fingernails and toenails can tell you whether or not you are truly healthy.

Are Your Nails Weak or Splitting?

If you took a good look at your nails and you notice they are brittle, there are several causes behind this, including:

  • Aging
  • Harsh acrylic nails
  • Abrasive gel wraps
  • Strong manicures

One of the most effective ways to solve this problem is to stop going to the nail salon or getting treatment. Some people who are vitamin A deficient tend to have nails that break or bend easily, while others signal they don’t have enough vitamin C or H, which is actually a member of the B vitamins group that strengthens nails and helps them grow.

Nail fungus / PicHelp
Nail fungus / PicHelp

Do You Have Discolored Nails?

If your nails are yellow, this could mean any of the following:

  • You are too fond of dark nail polish
  • You have fungal problems
  • It is a sign of psoriasis
  • You are a smoker
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Yellow nails can be solved by soaking them in a denture cleaner if the reason is stain. However, if the yellowing is still there and you feel pain, it is often due to fungal infection. See your doctor as this is often tricky to treat.

Other colors may include:

  • Green – also means an infection, typically from bacteria
  • White – hepatitis or other liver disease
  • Blue – low levels of oxygen in the blood
  • Red – heart valve infection

Terry’s nails or those with dark stripes on top is a sign of aging, but can also mean congestive heart failure.

Do Your Nails Resemble a Spoon?

If you have scooped out nails, which can literally hold one or two drops of water, allowing it to stop there and not slide off, it means you have iron deficiency. Spoon nails happen because blood supply does not reach the nail’s center, so it does not grow. There are also cases in which spoon nails signal a heart disease. See a doctor to determine what to do with your iron deficiency.

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Do You Have Pitted Nails?

If your nails have holes or dips on them, this can mean you always bang up your hands, which cause your bumpy nails. There are instances though that your nails are telling you to talk to your doctor.

With these messages from your nails, it is time for you to stop ignoring them. Next time, take a closer look at your nails to learn whether the abnormality is due to nutritional deficit or possible malignancy.


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