Famous writer Ernest Hemingway once said that drunk people should write, but sober people should edit. While most would choose a latte over a light beer, Hemingway’s belief may be valid. According to an entrepreneur Mikael Cho, coffee and beer have an effect on the brain based on scientific evidence. Whether you love coffee or beer, here are the things you need to know if you’re looking for the right drink that will boost brain activity:


Beer affects the cerebral cortex, which is a part of the brain that controls your language and thoughts when you are conscious. Your interaction with things, situations, and other people are affected when you drink beer. Obviously, you become less focused – the very downside of drinking beer. However, the good news is that all the distractions that usually occupy your brain will be eliminated.

One more good thing about drinking beer is that when your blood alcohol measures 007, which is equivalent to about two drinks, you become more creative.

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You become drowsy because adenosine binds with its receptor. You can fight this feeling off by drinking coffee. This way, instead of binding with adenosine, the receptor and caffeine will be bound together to give you more energy in about 15 minutes or so.

Beer vs Coffee

As you can see, both beer and coffee can help you when you are working. Caffeine is for you to get more energy, while beer is the drink to go for when you want to become more creative. If you are trying to decide whether to drink coffee or beer while you’re working, just consider the result. If you need to come up with awesome ideas and you don’t want to care about anything in the world, drink beer. On the other hand, if you need energy and the ability to remain focused, drink coffee.

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Coffee vs Beer: It's more than a battle between the drunk and awake / Image from Lifehacker
Coffee vs Beer: It’s more than a battle between the drunk and awake / Image from Lifehacker

Unfortunately, both have downsides as well. Drinking beer will reduce your memory and it will be very difficult for you to remain focused. Drinking coffee will make you think you need it to stay alert. As a result, you become dependent on the beverage. This is why caffeine addiction is quite popular because many people tend to believe they need the drink to keep them awake.

To summarize, if you are still looking for ideas, drink beer. If you already have an idea and you want to execute it correctly, drink coffee. Note though that moderation is still key; otherwise, you will lose all the benefits.


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