Your subconscious mind has something to do with your sleep position, particularly if you sleep next to your partner. Your body language when you are resting is amazingly precise with what’s going on in the relationship. If you don’t know how to articulate problems and your emotions when you’re awake, how you sleep could express what you want to say.

If you want to know more about your relationship, here are the sleep positions you should know about:

1. Spooning – When you two face the same direction and you or your partner is behind the other, this shows affection and intimacy. You could either be the small or big spoon though. If you are the small spoon, your partner wraps you in a way that will give you intimacy and security at the same time. Meanwhile, if you’re the big spoon, it means that you are the protector in the relationship. Sometimes, this denotes you are possessive.

2. Embracing – If you two are in each other’s arms when you sleep, this signals that the relationship is new, usually less than a year.

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3. Using the Same Blanket – You may not be touching each other, but this also means that you are comfortable in the relationship. It does not matter if there’s no contact because of the confidence and security of both partners.

Sleeping positions can tell a thing or two about your relationship and psychology / PicHelp
Sleeping positions can tell a thing or two about your relationship and psychology / PicHelp

4. Sleeping Away but Butts are touching – Only confident couples sleep like this, which demonstrates that they need their own space, but still sexually connected. Most people turn the opposite direction when they sleep because they don’t want to breathe on their partner’s face. This may mean the other doesn’t like some sleeping habits, such as snoring. However, this doesn’t mean he or she is tired of the partner himself/herself.

5. Wrapping the Arms around the Other – If the man has his arm around his woman, this means protection. If it is the other way around, this shows nurturing.

6. Taking Up a Bigger Portion –if one person in the relationship consumes the bigger space on the bed, this usually represents there is unequal power in the relationship. However, this is quite common during deep sleep and may not mean anything.

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7. Nothing Touching except Legs or Feet – The feet are farthest from the brain and is considered the most honest part of the body. If your partner often touches you with his foot during sleep, this could mean he craves for sexual or emotional connection.

While these are observations of professionals in body language, there are always exceptions. Still, if your partner’s position when sleeping suddenly changes, you can use the clues above to decode what his feelings within could reveal to you.


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