You probably think keeping your vagina happy and healthy is very easy. But unfortunately, most of the things you have been taught were probably wrong. Douching, missing your annual exam, and using feminine products may just be some practices that you should start correcting right away. To keep your lady part in tip-top shape, here are some basic rules you need to know about and follow religiously:

Rule #1: Don’t Ever Use Soap.

A healthy vagina has a pH of 3.8 to 4.5, which means it is on the acidic side. However, most soaps have a pH of about 5.5, which means they are less acidic than the vagina. It is for this reason that soap products cause problems, such as vaginal dryness and itching.

Rule #2: Don’t Scrub.

When you wash your vagina, use warm water and just your hand. There are wash mittens or sponges that are available, but they can be harsh for the delicate vaginal skin. They could even cause injuries, which can lead to infection.

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Rule #3: Know How to Properly Wash Your Vagina.

It is recommended that you simply keep water running down. You shouldn’t directly spray water into the vagina. This technique helps push bacteria down instead of pushing them towards this delicate part of the body.

Rule #4: Know How Many Times to Clean the Vagina.

You only need to clean your vagina once every day. If you have your period, you need to clean it up to twice daily. It is a common misconception that ladies need to wash their vagina more to make it cleaner. This is not true and can actually increase health problems in the future.

Rule #5: Know What Products to Use.

If you’re a tampon user, you should only use organic ones since they are not bleached with chlorine and are made from either rayon or a combination of rayon and cotton. Rayon is a type of synthetic fiber that is bleached, so that it can absorb almost anything that it comes in contact with. The bleaching process uses dioxin, a chemical that interferes with the endocrine system and can mimic estrogen. This means, it can disrupt the hormonal function of the body. Additionally, dioxin is linked to weakened immunity, problems in development and reproductive systems, and breast cancer.

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Practice good hygiene and change some of your activities into healthy ones, such as eating good food including probiotics and even garlic. It also helps if you talk to a gynecologist at least once a year to check your vaginal health.


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