Your hair and makeup can make you look good, but the real foundation of looking flawless is having clear, smooth skin. Sure there are creams, cleansers, serums, and other beauty products we can use, but oftentimes going natural is still the best way to achieve a blemish-free skin.

Plants can beautify our surroundings and even have other benefits to us and the environment. But there are some that have another purpose and that is as nature’s beauty products. Here are some plants we can add to our skin care regimen:

1. Chamomile

This plant goes beyond soothing our senses. Chamomile has alpha-bisabolol, which is a compound that can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It can speed up the healing process of the skin and can stop irritation and inflammation.

2. Witch Hazel

This shrub has acne-relieving capabilities by fighting inflammation and appearance of pimples. Witch hazel is used to reduce extra oils on the skin without causing dryness. It is also an astringent in which it effectively tightens the skin tissues, while minimizing dark circles around the eyes.

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Witch hazel is used to reduce extra oils on the skin without causing dryness / PicHelp

3. Aloe Vera

This plant is a popular ingredient in shampoos and even skincare products. Aloe vera is common applied as gel. You can use the gel before you put on makeup, which will help keep your skin moisturized. For men, aloe vera is used after shaving to help rehydrate the skin and help treat cuts.

4. Lavender

Just like chamomile, lavender is popular because of its relaxing effects. But that’s not all; this plant is also useful in soothing the skin. It has linalool that promotes skin healing and prevents the tissues from dying. This ensures that the skin stays supple, firm, and wrinkle-free.

5. Basil

This plant is a better alternative than acne-reducing products that contain alcohol. Basil works as an antiseptic, while reducing inflammation and regulating the production of oil in the skin. Some products use basil as one of the ingredients, but you can make your own cleansing mask by simply pounding the stems of the plant and apply onto your face.

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You don’t have to go to the store’s skincare section to buy a new product that will help you clear your skin. Sometimes all you need can be found in your kitchen or even your yard. You will see even better results if you drink more water and you add more greens to your diet.


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