Some parents leave their babies to cry until they fall asleep. Mainstream parenting guides assert this is harmless, but it is actually the opposite. Parenting guru named Penelope Leach published a new book, which shared that the tough love approach should not be practiced on infants.

How Crying Can Damage Your Child’s Brain - Psychologist

Don’t Leave Your Child Crying

Although babies cry, there are some who do more than others. There are parents who let their child cry for several minutes to hours, thinking their child will grow tired of crying and simply fall asleep. But Leach begs parents to stop this approach due to a few reasons. First, the first year or so is the time when the babies need to get a response. If they don’t receive any, this can give them emotional consequences in the long run.

Another reason is that the brain is still at its developing stage. Crying leads to an increase in cortisol, which means the baby is stressed. If this regularly happens, this can lead to early anxiety, which will proceed until he or she is an adult.

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Many parents think that letting a child cry out loud is helpful to the lungs, but Leach argues that babies cry for a reason. She believes that the young ones don’t have the mental maturity to understand when to sleep, so comforting the child will help him or her feel better, and the parent as well.


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