Scientific discoveries have helped reveal several ways to become healthier. Most conform to tradition and are quite straightforward, while others will take you by surprise. Here are 14 of the strangest but effective health tips to start practicing today:

1. Avoid antibacterial soap. After washing your hands with water, don’t reach for the antibacterial soap. These commercial products not only contribute to you getting sick, but can also have ingredients that are harmful to your body.

2. Stop typing to improve mental capacity. Instead of typing your notes, use your hand to jot down important things, helping you remember what you just wrote.

3. Have some alone time. If you’re with someone special, make sure you give yourself some time off to improve both your health and your relationship. Doing so allows you to think about life, reduce stress, and avoid social events that usually involve alcohol and fatty foods.

4. Exercise after a long day. You shouldn’t lie in bed immediately after coming home from work. Instead, you should exercise for about 30 minutes to get more energy.

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5. Don’t drink diet soda. Drink normal beverages as diet ones usually contain unwanted sugar and calories. Or you can just stick to water.

6. Drink something hot on a hot day. To cool off during summer, reach for a hot cup of coffee or tea so the body will effectively change in temperature and help you to naturally refresh yourself.

7. Drink water to reduce bloating. If you’re on a diet that contains fiber, drinking water allows you to digest food easier and faster.

8. Avoid bite-size snacks. Instead of chips and cookies, eat something that has protein, such as string cheese and apple. Sure, this has more calories, but you stay full for a longer time than eating small amounts of carbs.

9. Say no to energy drinks to get an energy boost. You don’t want an increase in blood sugar and high amounts of caffeine in your body when you’re tired. While you do get the boost you need, it is temporary and you will soon feel more sluggish and confused, so you want more energy drinks.

10. Be slimmer by gaining muscle weight. Exercising is the best way to lose weight. This increases your muscles instead of the fat you store in your body.

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11. Sleep better with coffee. Drink coffee can help you take a peaceful slumber and you also feel more alert when you wake up.

12. Don’t brush after eating. Wait at least 30 minutes before you brush, especially if you had acidic foods for lunch.

13. Get a pet. You will have lower risk of getting a heart attack and a stroke if you have a dog or a cat.

14. Shave to stop sneezing. If you’re prone to allergies, it is time to shave that mustache away as it can aggravate your allergies by trapping pollen and dirt.

Although these are odd tips, you can stay happy and healthy by following them right now.


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