You can grow these kitchen scraps organically, not only you’ll be eating healthily, you’ll be also saving money.

Fresh produce is recommended for optimal health. However, we can’t deny that they are expensive when bought in stores or market. If you want regular supply without worrying about your weekly budget, growing veggies and herbs at home can guarantee that.

In a month, you can save more than $100. While you can use seeds to grow them, there are a number of plants you can grow just by using kitchen scraps such as the following:

1. Lettuce

Instead of throwing the leftover lettuce leaves, simply put them in a bowl that has about one inch of water. Leave it there for four days or so and make sure that the water level doesn’t decrease during that period. Add water when necessary. The roots will soon grow and you can plant it in the soil. This method also works with cabbage.

2. Celery

To grow celery from scraps, just take the base of the bunch and place in warm water. The bowl should receive direct sunlight. When the leaves begin to grow, plant the celery in your garden.

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3. Lemongrass

Just like regular grass, take the root and place it in a bowl with water. The root should be covered with water and it should get full sunlight for about one week. Once there’s new growth, you can plant it outside.

4. Bean Sprouts

If you have extra bean sprouts, just take a tablespoon and put the beans in a bowl with water. Let them sit overnight before you rinse them. Do this every day until you see that the sprouts are growing.

5. Avocado

Most of us just discard the seed of this fruit, which is actually full of nutrients too. But if you’re not going to consume the seed, you can use it to grow an avocado tree. Place the seed in a container with just enough water to cover the base of the seed and expose it to a little bit of sunlight. You will have to wait for about 45 days before you will see that it’s growing. But as soon as you have stems that are about six inches long, you should cut them down to six inches. Wait for the leaves to appear and then you can plant it with half of the seed above the ground.

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You can grow these kitchen scraps organically, not only you'll be eating healthily, you'll be also saving money.
You can grow these kitchen scraps organically, not only you’ll be eating healthily, you’ll be also saving money.

As much as possible, you should only regrow scraps that are from organic food. While this may be expensive, it is for your own safety. Non-organics have chemicals in them and it doesn’t just mean one type of spray. Most are treated during the growth cycle as well as when they are harvested. Grow your own food in your yard for a safe, convenient, and inexpensive way to get ingredients for your meals.


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