The mamey apple or sapote is a tropical fruit that is oval shaped and has a flesh that is comparable to that of the salmon. The fruit tastes creamy with a combination pumpkin, cherry, and sweet potato. Like other fruits, the mamey sapote comes with many nutrients that can help improve your health.

Nutritional Value

The mamey sapote has the following:

Calories: One cup of serving contains about 215 calories

Protein: One fruit is equal to 2.5 grams of protein

Fat: One mamey sapote has less than one gram of fat

Carbohydrates: A cup of mamey sapote has a total of 56 carbohydrates

Dietary Fiber: According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), one cup of chopped mamey fruit contains 9.5 grams of dietary fiber, which is equivalent to 38% of the recommended daily value (RDA).

Vitamin C: One cup of serving of this fruit can give you 67% of vitamin C RDA

Vitamin B6: A cup also gives you a total of 63% vitamin B6 RDA.

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Potassium: This fruit also has 23% of RDA for the mineral potassium

Vitamin E and Copper: One cup of sliced mamey can provide about 20% of both vitamin E and copper.

With these nutrients in the fruit, it is no wonder that it has a ton of health benefits to offer including:

Easier Weight Management

The nutrients found in mamey fruits make it hard for the body to digest them quickly. This is actually a good thing because you will not feel any hunger pangs after eating, unlike other foods that are rich in starch and sugar. Since this fruit fills you up, you will find it easier to maintain your weight or lose some unwanted pounds.

Healthy Heart

Another great health benefit of the fruit is that it helps your heart become healthier. The soluble fiber that the fruit contains promotes healthy levels of good cholesterol, while lowering bad cholesterol in the body. As this happens, your risk of acquiring heart diseases is decreased. Additionally, the potassium in the fruit also helps in keeping your heart healthy.

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Mamey (Sapote / Sapota) : It's exotic, it's delicious, it's good and it's healthy / PicHelp
Mamey (Sapote / Sapota) : It’s exotic, it’s delicious, it’s good and it’s healthy / PicHelp

Increased Immune Function

With the vitamin C content of the fruit, it is much easier for the body to fight free radicals and eliminate them. Vitamin C also aids the immune system function correctly. Sometimes, there are instances that trigger immune response that actually result to inflammation. This can be avoided by eating vitamin C-rich foods, such as mamey sapote.

This tropical fruit is native to Central America and is seen in a number of Latin cuisines. Mamey fruit is very meaty, not only with its flesh, but also with its nutrients.


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