We all have eating habits, but it is indeed fascinating to know what experts eat and what they don’t eat. Experts reveal what they will never consume even if it is right in front of them:

Endocrinologist Says No to Canned Tomatoes

An endocrinologist from the University of Missouri named Fredrick Vom Saal studies bisphenol-A and says he doesn’t eat canned tomatoes. The tin cans have resin linings, which contain bisphenol-A. This is a synthetic estrogen that can cause reproductive problems, along with obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Toxicologist Will Not Eat Microwave Popcorn

Olga Naidenko from the Environmental Working Group states that chemicals, such as perfluoroctanoic acid (PFOA), are found in the lining of bags that have been linked to human infertility. It is also said to cause cancers including testicular, pancreatic, and liver cancer in animals.

A  food expert might say "No" to your favorite pizza, but that all depends on its ingredients / PicHelp
A food expert might say “No” to your favorite pizza, but that all depends on its ingredients / PicHelp

Cancer Researcher Will Not Drink GM Milk

Cows that have been treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) are what Rick North, the former CEO of American Cancer Society (Oregon Division), completely avoids. Dairy cattle that produce milk, but are treated with rBGH should always be avoided by consumers as the milk can increase cancer risk.

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Farmer Dislikes Grain-Fed Beef

The co-owner of Polyface Farms, Joel Salatin (also an author on books about sustainable farming), says that he will only eat cattle that eats grass. When the animals eat grains, he will never touch them, since only grass-fed beef has high quality nutrients, including vitamin E, beta-carotene, and omega 3 among many others.

Farm Director is Against GM Potatoes

Genetically-modified potatoes are food items, which Jeffrey Moyer, the farm director of National Organic Standards Board will not eat. Potatoes, along with root vegetables, absorb chemicals in the soil. Potatoes are now being treated with fungicides when growing them, then with herbicides before they are harvested, and they are once again treated to prevent sprouting.

Organic Food Expert Shun GM Apples

Conventionally-grown apples, although cheaper than organic ones, are what Mark Kastel avoids. He is an expert in organic foods and therefore supports them fervently. Apples are among the fruits that have the most pesticides and when consumed, they can cause cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and stomach distress.

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Fisheries Expert Does Not Like Farmed Salmon

The director of Institute for Health and the Environment Dr. David Carpenter published a study about fish contamination. Cultivating salmon fed with soy, hydrolyzed chicken feathers, and poultry litter can be risky to human health. Farmed salmon has lower vitamins and minerals, but they don’t lack in contaminants.

Biotech Specialist Avoid Conventional Soy

Michael Harris, a biotech specialist, will not eat genetically engineered food, most especially soy. Fermented soy should only be the only soy you should consume. Unfortunately, 90% of soy you can see in stores around the world has been modified. Regular consumption affects balance in your hormones and can even cause cancer.

Before buying, make sure you check the ingredients list or the label for the product. It should always be organic to avoid health problems in the future.


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