There are researchers that believe birth order has an effect on the personality of a person. It is as significant as the gender of an individual and almost as vital as genetics. There are indeed stereotypes about birth order where eldest kids are considered bossy and the youngest are irresponsible. Those who have no siblings are stereotyped as selfish.

Birth Order and Personality

The theory that your birth order has something to do with your personality now has existed for many years. Alfred Adler, a psychiatrist, was the first to propose this theory. Many experts do not agree with the theory, but there are still several people who believe there is some truth to it. Today, there are claims that are inspired by this concept, including Dr. Kevin Leman’s book entitled The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are. Here’s what the book says:


According to the book, if you are a firstborn child, you are a natural leader. With your parents as your role models, you like to take control over everything. You are also a perfectionist as you want everything to be right. With this trait, it is often difficult for you to admit that you are wrong at times. Firstborns are also confident and aggressive, but they want to please people, so they seek for approval from someone they respect.


The book says that if you’re middle-born, it is difficult to make you follow orders because of your rebellious nature. You want to be the opposite of your other siblings, especially the older ones. This often results to having different habits and interests from the other members of the family. Middle-born children often prioritize people out of the family and this is often because they don’t feel they are special inside their home. This is why most kids are secretive and insecure, but they are also independent and resourceful.


If you are the baby of the family, you may be carefree, fun-loving, sociable, and easygoing. Last-borns want to make people laugh and they can because they are often charming. However, they could also become very manipulative and spoiled. Usually, they are the most irresponsible in the family, particularly when it comes to money matters.

Your birth order can say a lot about you. Ask your mother if she knows / PicHelp
Your birth order can say a lot about you. Ask your mother if she knows / PicHelp

Only Child

Having no siblings can have its advantages. An only child often has the same traits of firstborns and since there is no one else in the family, the parents generally have high expectations on their only child. This results to the kid being more responsible with the need to stick to the rules.

If these personality types don’t ring true for you, this may be because of some factors, such as the size of the family and other conditions, including age gaps, adoption, and illness.


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